R&D Department

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Our creative team of experts at the R&D department is always working on providing innovative approaches and formulas in order to produce new bitumen products by using advanced technologies and updated Information about the Industry.

The introduction of R & D in MTA Company

R & D focuses on research activities in the field of product and production processes, accountability and analysis of customer needs, providing a variety of products in accordance with international standards, reducing environmental pollution, communication and more interaction centers, universities and research institutes and management and promotion of science and technology with experienced staff. This department was established in MTA in 2014.

Major goals of research and development:

* Finding suitable and economical methods for increasing the quality of bitumen
* Increasing the production volume
* Variety of new bitumen production
* Production of various bitumen packaging
* Construction and production of polymer bitumen
* To increase the level of basic research and fundamental scientific knowledge in the field of bitumen

In progress activities:

We have started producing the high performance bitumen among all the activities that are carried out in this unit. Some of these activities include:
* improve the process and energy efficiency in the construction and use of modified bitumen
* Production of polymer-modified bitumen domestic and foreign compounds
* Synthetic bitumen production in order to improve the quality and use of color in urban architecture.