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Our Laboratory has been Equipped with the most advanced European Quality testing equipments to ensure the Highest Quality of Bitumen products based on the ASTM & A.S.S.H.T.O International standards. Generally, in any manufacturing entity, observing required standards for the products to be produced, with desirable quality and attracting sales markets among other competitors is of very remarkable importance. Various quality control tests in different steps of the production process, including on the raw materials, during product manufacturing and finally on the finished product are performed to control the quality and specifications of the bitumen produced in this company. Various bitumen tests in the lab are carried out under certain conditions which are strictly controlled and standardized .The complete test instructions are described in the related technical regulations such as AASHTO & ASTM & ISIRI regulations. These regulations should be strictly observed in the manufacturing process so that the results could be reliable and useful. In order to carry out the tests in different steps of quality control i.e. on the raw materials, product manufacturing and finally on the finished product, considering required facilities for the quality control lab is essential. All lab equipments in the MTA Company for testing bitumen is in accordance with American standard (ASTM) and consists of equipments and instruments for testing penetration rate , softening point , flash point ,viscosity ,ductility , purity , and density, all of which are located in the refinery lab and listed in the below table:

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