Manufacturing bitumen with the highest possible quality to answer the needs of worldwide markets

The 3rd exporter of bitumen in
2014 !

Becoming the biggest bitumen manufacturer in the next
5 years

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We at MTA are well recognized manufacturer, supplier and exporter of comprehensive range of bitumen. Precision engineered, using latest technology, our range of products meet the international quality standards. As Per Iran mercantile exchange (IME) reports we secured the First position in presenting & dealing of bitumen quantity from March 2014 up to date, among Iran Private manufacturers with 24.4% market share in exporting bitumen. (Please refer to ). Furthermore, our export quantity is around 35,000 MT/Month that reach out to Africa, GCC, and Pacific Asia etc.We are headquartered at Tehran, which is the capital city of Iran and hub of all business activities. Our factory is located in Bandar Abbas, only 15 KM far from the port which possesses the latest hi-tech machines, hence enabling us to be a leader in domestic as well as overseas markets. We stand firmly on the pillars of quality and innovation. The company has 140 employees with extensive experience and high efficiency.In addition MTA has developed a laboratory fitted with the state-of-the-art equipments, operated by a staff of specialized competencies to test the products and ensure that they are of high quality and meet the international standards. MTA seeks diversifying its products and guarantees the high quality as a basic factor to carry out any work in the factory. The company seeks to acquire the customer's satisfaction and maintain the product high quality and competitive price. Furthermore, MTA seeks to add new products, strengthening its position as a leader in bitumen manufacuring in the region.

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The main vision of MTA is to be the largest bitumen producer and exporter over the next 5 years in Iran.Our strategy is to reinforce our position as a leader in the oil and gas industry, while trying to meet global energy demand in a responsible way. Safety, environmental and social responsibilities are at the heart of our activities.


We are committed to innovative development and feel responsible to provide superior quality through harmonious management and highly skilled and dedicated employees while sustaining maximum value for all those we are in contact with. Our main goal is to have a significant presence in the global market to respond customers' requirements and meet their inquiries by using updated knowledge, high quality bitumen in bulk and drums with the best customer services and competitive prices by our professional team at our offices in Iran and UAE, which enables MTA Holding to provide convenient financial facilities and different discount terms depending on the payment terms and conditions to our valuable customers.

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In order to further emphasize our commitment to Quality and customer satisfaction, we acquired below certificates to cover our activities:
Quality management system certificate (ISO 9001)
Environment management system certificate (ISO 14001)
Lab quality management system (ISO/17025)
Europe standard certificate (CE certificate)

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MTA refinery situated in the industrial complex of the Bandarabbas covers approximately 73000 M2 area.

Construction of the MTA refinery commenced in 2007 and it comprises the following lines and production capacity:

* production of bitumen: 720,000 ton/year;

* production of aromatics and solvents: 300,000 ton/year

* Production of Naphtha: 300,000 Ton/year

The refinery is renowned for its specialties. It produces a large variety of derivatives or aromatic products, important raw material for the chemical and petrochemical industry, paint and solvents, including:

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" Manufacturing bitumen with the highest possible quality to answer the needs of worldwide markets "

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" The 3rd exporter of bitumen in 2014 "

" Becoming the biggest bitumen manufacturer in the next 5 years "

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